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Our mascots, with their creative designs, superior quality, durability, pricing and universal appeal will satisfy and surpass any customer requirement. BC Mascots can conceptualize and illustrate original artwork and mascot designs based on your needs, or develop mascots from your existing designs, with exacting accuracy and scale.

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We Provides fun and excitement through our services to all over the lower mainland.

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Our Mascots

Great For Business Promotions, Sports Events and For Fun and Entertainments.

Whether meeting children or whipping up excitement with the fans, these versatile walkabout mascots act out the spirit of your company, school or sports team. They connect with people in an immediate, fun way.

Walkabout & Athletic Mascots

Shape mascots costumes have impact. See your character or brand come to life as they welcome clients and grab attention. They are an engaging and memorable and people love to take photos with them. Get your message across in a very fun and visual way.

Shape Mascots

Crazy, zany and fun, racing mascots are pure entertainment. These crowd pleasers are built for running and slap stick antics during half time breaks. They are a great addition to any sports event or community gathering.

Sponsor or Running Mascots

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Marketing with a Mascot

A mascot just might be one of the best investments you could make for your corporate or team image.

Mascots create goodwill for your organization.
A well designed mascot will eventually come to be your well known and instantly recognizable branding. Mascots can interact with the public in real life, real time and create an emotional connection with your brand audience.
Mascots are much more than a costume.
A mascot becomes the brand ambassador for your company. This character can be used as part of an integrated marketing plan across different mediums, or on its own, to help to create a unique identity for your company, school or sports team.
Mascots are memorable.
We are bombarded with advertising messages through so many mediums that we have become desensitized to them. A three-dimensional , hugging, high-fiving mascot will enhance an already established marketing campaign, or you can use it as the basis of a fresh new campaign.
The dollars and “sense”…
Yes, a mascot may seem like a big upfront investment. However, this is more than just a monetary investment. This is an investment in the future of your brand, in your school spirit and participation of your sports team.
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He's a huge fantastic wonderful and furry addition to our staff. The kids went mad over him. Thanks so much for your wonderful work and thanks to BC Mascots.

Happy Client

We just got him…It looks even better in person than it did in the pics…You guys get top marks for customer service!!

Happy Client

…Everybody loved Clockey! He looks terrific. I was also surprised and impressed by the owner’s manual that came in the box.

Happy Client


Keeping your mascot clean will not only keep your performer happy, but also ensure your mascot lasts for many, many years.

Professional Cleaning

We offer a professional deep cleaning & repair service, whether we made your mascot or not! An annual deep cleaning by our experts will help preserve your character so that it lives a long and fulfilling mascot life!

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Mascot Storage

We offer a clean, secured, climate controlled storage space to allow your mascots to rest and refresh between performances. Characters that are stored with us will be fully insured for their replacement value while on our premises.

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Caring Your Mascot!

When you purchase a mascot from BC Costumes, you are purchasing a quality product! That is why most parts of our mascots are machine washable, to make it easy for you to preserve them on your own premises.

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